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Give your company a digital presence

We are a digital marketing agency in Guadalajara, experts in the design and develop websites so that your brand reaches the ideal clients by following the digital strategies necessary to position your new website. Remember to have a page

Landing page

Ideal for businesses looking to generate
leads or database since it gives the most important information and its purpose is that people leave their data to obtain a profit.

E-commerce development

We develop your website with an online store so that you can start selling online. If you have a clothing business, products or anything tangible,

Informative website

Present your business to your potential clients with the necessary information and even valuable content. This type of


Having a blog is one of the best strategies to bring traffic to your website, at Nimbus we are experts generating valuable content to reach your goals.

Web analysis

If you already have a website and you are not generating sales, with a web analysis we can identify what errors are on your website and how we can solve them so that you can generate the traffic or sales you are looking for.



With an SEO strategy, we help you to position your website organically in search engines so that your audience can easily reach your site in the first results of their search.


How do we work?

We create this series of steps to develop a functional website

1. Let's know your needs
2. Research your brand and market
3. Generate a design proposal
4. Website development
5. Performance tests
diseño de paginas web en guadalajara

Benefits of having a website

Greater reach of your brand

Every day people surf the internet looking for services and products,
reaches new markets and transfers
borders for people to start
find your business with a custom website.

Professional image

Having a website with a nice interface and adequate branding can improve the customer’s impression of your brand, in addition to having personalized emails from the page to improve the image of your business.


Security and Technology

Control your information in a more secure and reliable way with an SSL security certificate for your website, take advantage of the benefits of the technological age and keep your community informed.



That your clients navigate in a fast and easy with a responsive website, either from your mobile even a computer, always aiming for a good experience when navigating the site.


We will help you learn to use your website so you can update it easily and simply.

Improve your sales

Potential customers can review your products and services from your ecommerce and thus buy on the website, without having to leave their home.

We present some of our work

Nicole Lee

Creation of ecommerce for the bag brand in Guadalajara, where in addition to the page design, we created the online store where people could generate their orders, register and make the purchase within the same website.


This helped to improve the times related to the request
information and increase traffic and knowledge of the

diseño de paginas web en guadalajara
diseño de paginas web en guadalajara


We take you to Greek gastronomy through the website from Mánamu, a brand of extra virgin olive oil that comes from Greece and the best olive branch. For the design of this website we gave it rustic, organic touches and artisanal as the product that is sold. The site contains an online store where they can place their orders throughout the Republic as well as it was thought of a blog that helps the consumer to search for recipes.


We want the foundations of this page to be so strong like Corey’s steels, that is why it was designed based on 3 pillars that make up the company and in which each pillar has a special page with the corresponding service and more information about it.


Being a business page, the communication tone is formal and the colors are institutional. We focus on a modern but simple design to suit the personality Of the brand.

diseño de paginas web en guadalajara
paginas web en guadalajara


Platform for the study of indoor cycling where in addition to
present information about classes, teachers, and
who is Refuse, the platform was adapted to be able to carry out
the purchases of the classes and reservation of bikes in the same
page, making the way to buy from
the users.


On this page the design and UX were made to improve the user experience when buying their classes.


Lolo Mercadito was created with the aim of taking traditional Mexican products abroad through its website. Nimbus work focused on improving the user experience to generate the sale more easily and in a few steps, as well as having an attractive design for the target market.

diseño de paginas web en guadalajara

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