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We want your brand to position itself over the competition through Digital marketing strategies focused on achieving the objectives of your brand and taking advantage of the benefits of technology, information and social networks.

"Content Marketing is the rain, digital strategy is our cloud and social networks are the thunders that people hear"

The use of digital marketing in social networks today is vital, but it is not about publishing on social networks and waiting for the magic to arrive, it is a more complex process, we tell you everything we do in the following services:

Digital marketing strategy

We create the perfect digital marketing plan for your brand to achieve the objectives you are looking for through in-depth research, analysis of your competition, generation of target audiences, communication pillars of what we are going to talk about on social networks, action plan to continue to meet the objectives and how we are going to distribute the investment in digital advertising either in Google ads or Facebook ads.

Social media management

It is important to always provide good customer service, have a good response time on social networks, be aware of what is happening in your community and above all, listen to your followers to direct the strategy to fulfill what they are looking for and what have a good experience with your brand.

Content marketing

In order for you to have a community interested in what you do or sell, content marketing will always be the star. What can you offer your followers so that they stay interested in your brand? At Nimbus Crea we generate content that goes according to the strategy to be followed to generate the expected results.

Guideline on digital platforms

We create plans aimed at meeting the objectives of the strategy where from Social Networks and Google, we generate audiences segmented by the market niche and define the locations where the brand’s advertising will appear.

Influencer marketing

Word of mouth advertising is still the queen of strategies because who does not trust more in what a friend or acquaintance recommends than in the same advertising of the brands? That is why influencer marketing is a good way to get your brand known to people in the niche you are looking for.


Email marketing

Once contact is achieved, it is time to keep him interested in your content until you can close that sale and what better way than with an email marketing strategy aimed at your most interested audiences, users who do not finish their purchase or previous customers who are wants to follow up.



Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Increased visibility

Imagine that we spend almost 50% of our time, or even more, on social networks, so by generating a marketing strategy you can reach more people interested in your business.


Results in real time

Unlike traditional marketing, we can obtain the results of the campaigns more accurately and from an analysis, make the pertinent changes to improve in the future.

marketing digital en guadalajara
marketing en guadalajara

Approach with your customers

Through social networks you will be able to communicate more easily and at the moment with your followers for possible questions or comments they have, so they will feel more listened to and will see your brand closer.


You can create a community

When more people interested in the topic you do or sell, start to follow you, it will be easier to be able to sell them later since they trust you and have already taken a step towards the interest of your brand.

Some of our proyects


Mabié is a body clinic in Guadalajara with a central message: take some time and enjoy yourself. Its central message is aimed at the person taking care of himself for himself, not to please others, very focused on self-love and always thinking about your health.

What was the goal of the brand?


The objective that was set was to launch a campaign for the launch of its new branch and the rebranding of the brand since it was previously called Belazza.


What was done?


First, they worked with the design team on their new branding, inspired by Madeline Vionnet, who was a French designer who with her creations wanted to highlight the woman’s body in all its splendor.


Influencers and micro influencers were invited to the inauguration. During the event they were given a small brunch with different sponsors and an instagrammable area where they could take a photo to upload to their networks, in addition there was a roulette wheel with different prizes that event attendees could win and to claim their prize, they had to upload a picture.


A hashtags were generated according to the values ​​of the brand and the objective of creating a community of women who support each other: #sisterbeauty


After the event, we increased followers by 20% and appointments for hydrafacials improved compared to previous months. Promotions were launched in the waxing area and they also responded considerably, increasing their overall sales by up to 80%.

Casa Flanké

Casa Flanké is a bakery in Guadalajara where its specialty is Flanké, a delicious mixture of flan with pancake and perfect to share with your friends or family.


What was the goal of the brand?


The purpose of the brand was to make itself known in Guadalajara to get more visits to its store and orders through social networks.


What was done?


A digital marketing strategy was devised focused on highlighting the perfect times to enjoy a delicious dessert and we took them to images that contained the cakes, flankés and above all, highlighting the human part of the brand. They also made posts on social networks explaining What is a Flanké?


A campaign was carried out for the day of love and friendship where we gathered some influencers and they were sent a box with a code lock, when they received it they had to take a photo with their loved one so that we could give them the key and they could open the box containing a Flanké to share with that person.


The reach of the brand increased by 65%, as well as the orders by Instagram, especially in the month of February.


Glish is an English school with different locations in the Mexican Republic, as well as online classes.


What was the goal of the brand?

The brand seeks to increase the number of potential customers in its different locations.


What was done?


The digital marketing strategy focused on the professional audience that seeks to grow from learning a new language to expand its possibilities. We searched for careers that are most seeking English learning and we created special announcements for these people, exposing the advantages they could have by studying at Glish.


The audiovisual content is essential for this account since it was proposed to make educational, pronunciation and cultural learning content.


The quality of leads has improved notably in recent months, as well as more participation from users on social networks.

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