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We capture the personality of your brand in a photo or video

From pre-production, organization, to editing, we help you show the world your brand and fall in love with it through sight.


Nowadays, an image says more than a thousand words and to be honest, people respond more to a visual impulse such as photographs or a video than just hearing about your product, that is why it is important for us to represent your brand through of a good take and a good story.

It all starts with an idea but the adventure continues with the following services

Studio photography

If what you are looking for are photos of your product for your website or social networks, either with models or just the product, in our studio we will help you make your brand look perfect.

On-location photography

In case you want to show off your business facilities, staff or take photos of your product in locations outside the studio, this type of photo can give the final touch to make your brand attractive.


People are lovers of being told stories, they manage to connect with brands in a subtle way and identify with what we tell them, that is why at Nimbus we help you develop that message that brings your consumers closer to your brand and makes them fall in love .

Commercial video

We create promotional videos for your brand according to the digital strategy and concept so that you can advertise your product or service. We take care of that touch of creativity to make your business stand out.

Institutional video

If you want a video that shows the philosophy of your company, the staff, the history, the processes, this type of video is the one for your company. Help your collaborators know more about what you do and your growth.


Capture the attention of your users with animated videos either from 3D animation or movements in your social media content.

"If you want to attract your audience, make yourself known or retain your customers: always think of a good audiovisual medium"

How we work?

We want to get the best image for your business, that’s why we follow a process where our team will help you convey the message you want

  1. Hear what you are looking for: we want to know what is the purpose of the video or photos you need.

  2. Insights: we will begin to listen to your audience and research your sector to lower all these points to a concept.

  3. Brainstorming: It is time for the creative process, here we will begin to generate the storytelling or moodboard of your audiovisual production and once the ideas are approved we begin with the organization

marketing digital en guadalajara
fotografia para productos y servicios

4. Pre-production: from looking for the perfect actors, models, objects and settings to portray the proposed idea to the organization of the scenes and pictures of each photograph, we take care of it.

5. Production: The action begins, with a professional team and the necessary equipment, we create your audiovisual production.

6. Post production: from the material recorded or portrayed, we begin the editing process so that everything is perfect.

Some of our work


Aiming to launch into the American market, it was decided to publicize the traditions of Jalisco and enhance the Mexican national sport: charrería, represented by 3 charros associating themselves with the name of the brand that it means: a charro luck involved by 3 people.


With a 4-day production, the recording was made in Arandas, Jalisco, a place originally from La Terna and a town in the region where the highest quality tequila in the country is exported. A drone was used to achieve dynamism of the rider on the horse through the fields.


A tequilita?

fotografia para productos y servicios


Nicole Lee is a company of bags and accessories for women. An audiovisual production was developed for the brand to publicize its new summer collection.


We generate a storyboard focused on highlighting the qualities of the product, which in this case are the bags, coupled with focusing the collection on summer with a beach style and fun. Taking care of every detail we manage to transmit an original, creative, tropical and avant-garde project.


We develop a photographic production that reflects the quality of their products and we manage to convey their concept of Italian cuisine with a different graphic style in each of their restaurants.


For L’osteria del Duomo, his most recent project, we wanted to reflect a contemporary, elegant, fresh and innovative style such as his haute cuisine, using chiaroscuro images where each of his delicious dishes stands out. For La Pasteria and Il Diavolo we developed a visual concept that will take you to the corners of Italy to delight you and enjoy their delicious pizzas, pastas and paninis. For Il Duomo we seek to reflect a traditional concept, using dark colors, walnut-toned woods and warm lighting to reflect the elegance of the space and the Italian haute cuisine dishes.

fotografia para productos y servicios
fotografia y video para empresas en guadalajara


Brand of extra virgin olive oil of Greek origin, the brand seeks to position itself in the Mexican market, specifically in Sonora, so at Nimbus we generate a production talking about its history to help connect with our audience through feelings.


A story board of the family’s history related to olive oil was created, as if it were a story with simple drawings and a voice-over telling the events. From this, the animation of the drawings and the edition with music and texts were generated.

"Make your brand memorable in the eyes of your consumer"

It is time to present your brand to the public through images and videos that connect with your final audience, we will help you achieve it. Share your details below to start planning your audiovisual production

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