Management of social networks in Guadalajara

That your company generates the desired impact with a digital marketing strategy

We want your brand to position itself above the competition through Digital marketing strategies focused on achieving your brand's objectives and taking advantage of the benefits of technology, information and social networks.

The use of digital marketing in social networks today is vital, but it is not about publishing on social networks and waiting for the magic to arrive, it is a more complex process, we tell you everything we do in the following services:

We create the perfect digital marketing plan for your brand to achieve the goals you are looking for through in-depth research, analysis of your competition, generation of target audiences, communication pillars of what we are going to talk about on social networks, action plan to continue to meet the objectives and how we are going to distribute the investment in digital advertising, whether in Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

It is always important to provide good customer service, have a good response time on social networks, be aware of what is happening in your community and, above all, listen to your followers to direct the strategy to fulfill what they are looking for and that have a good experience with your brand.

For you to have a community interested in what you do or sell, content marketing will always be the star. What can you offer your followers so that they stay interested in your brand? At Nimbus Crea we generate content that is in accordance with the strategy to follow to generate the expected results.

We create plans aimed at meeting the objectives of the strategy where, from social networks and Google, we generate audiences segmented by market niche and define the locations where the brand's advertising will appear.

Word-of-mouth advertising is still the queen of strategies because who doesn't trust what a friend or acquaintance recommends more than brand advertising itself? That is why influencer marketing is a good way to make your brand known to people in the market niche you are looking for.

Once the contact is achieved, it is time to keep him interested in your content until you can close that sale and what better way than with an email marketing strategy aimed at your most interested audiences, users who do not finish their purchase or previous customers who are want to follow up.

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