What to ask a marketing agency before hiring them?

Hire the service of a digital marketing agency It can be of great benefit to your business, however, it is important that you ask a few questions to be sure that you are choosing the agency that best suits the needs of your project or business.

First you must identify the services that your business needs, if you do not know specifically what you require, you can approach the agency and ask if they have the service that fits your problem, or review the services that the agency exposes on your website.


Some of the problems and services that can serve your business can be:

  1. Develop or improve the image of the company = A Branding or brand identity creation.
  2. Improve communication in digital media = Management of social networks.
  3. Launch or promotion of a product or service = Guideline management and paid advertising in digital media.
  4. Create a website or online store for your business = Development of web pages and E-commerce. 
  5. Production of a promotional video or photographs of your product or service = Audiovisual production. 


Once you know the service you need and you already have some agencies in mind that you know offer this service, it is time to ask the following questions.


It is very important to always ask what the expertise of the agency with which we are talking is, since the specialization speaks of a professional job, so the fact that the agency is very clear about its area of expertise is a good indication, which It can be used to choose the agency that best suits what we need. 

KPI's and objectives

It is important that you ask what are the KPI's or metrics that are being reviewed to know the effectiveness of the service that is being offered to you and its profitability.


In the event that the service you are looking for is provided for visible materials such as logo design, web design and development or audiovisual material, it is important that you always ask for or review the agency's portfolio, since in this way you can confirm the quality of their work and service.

Clients with whom they have collaborated and success stories

It is important that before hiring an agency you identify other companies that have worked with them, in this way you can find out if the companies or businesses in question have had any kind of growth or improvement in their community and communication.

How much time will it take

An extremely important point when hiring an agency is to define the project times, either by means of a schedule or some other means, in which it will be specified on what dates advances will be delivered, when certain specific objectives will be met and when It will be the conclusion of the project.

What does the quote include

It is important to be clear about exactly what the quote includes and establish important points such as rounds of changes for design deliverables, whether or not it includes writing or content creation in services such as SEO, or how many products uploaded to the site it includes. the price of an e-commerce.

Now that you know what to ask when hiring one, don't hesitate to send us a message and be part of the creative storm.