Why does your company need a professional logo?

First we are going to define what a professional logo is and what differentiates it from a generic one, a logo as you already know is the main identifier of a brand, it is that graphic material that is printed on all its products, premises, social networks, website and even on some occasions in the uniforms of the employees. For this reason, the logo must be given great importance and always choose to entrust this work to a professional who takes care of aspects such as originality, aesthetics, the market to which it is directed, timelessness and scalability, so that your logo helps you to achieve the goals you are looking for and become the emblem of your brand.

Now you may be wondering what is a generic logo?

Currently there are many tools that help you make logos automatically or without the need to handle any design software, so many brands, especially entrepreneurs, are choosing to make their designs with the help of these tools, in this post we are going to dedicate to analyze this option and tell you if it really is the best option for your business or not from the point of view of a digital marketing agency.

First of all, it is important that you know some key terms that reflect the importance of a good logo: 

  • Branding
  • brand personality

What is a Branding?

The branding of a brand is the set of graphic elements that make up a brand, from logos, to graphic materials, fonts and color palette, also within a branding is the identity manual, which serves as a guide for designers and content managers of the brand to identify the graphic guidelines that any graphic material that is made must follow.

What is brand personality?

Brand personality, the brand personality are the associations of emotional characteristics, connected to the brand or company transmitted through its products or services, the brand personality is flexible and has changes as the years go by since its objective is to facilitate the process of empathizing with the potential customer.

Reasons why your brand needs a professional logo

  • Consistency: As you could already read above, the logo of a brand is made together with more materials that make up its Branding, so it is important to look for a professional to develop your logos, who seeks that both your brand personality as your graphic materials, identity manual and logos carry a unified graphic line that is consistent and projects the emotions you are looking for in the public you are targeting.
  • Originality: Commonly the tools to create logos with templates or loans do not respect this, which can become a big problem since one of the main objectives of a good logo is to differentiate the brand from the others.
  • Adaptability: It is important that your logo is designed to be adapted to different applications, resolutions or materials, for example, Disney has a logo that adapts and is different for each type of product as you can see in the image below.
  • Survive the test of time: As much as the logo has to be updated from time to time depending on the movement of the market, it is also important to take into account that these changes cannot be so frequent since the logo has to be recognized by the public and for this it must remain some time without undergoing changes, but for this to happen the logo must be susceptible to time and not become outdated so quickly, for example the logo of our client Mabié, which over time continues to project empowerment and independence what are you looking for.
  • Scalability: Logos commonly have text, so the logo must be scalable to different sizes, taking care in all of these that the text is understandable, as well as all its details and colors.
  • Representativeness: A logo must represent the brand along with all its values and essence, so including or using graphic elements that have nothing to do with the brand is a bad practice, as well as colors and fonts that do not project the personality of the brand. same.

Disadvantages of making a generic logo

You limit yourself to the templates that the software offers you

 Commonly generic logos come from an already designed template, which limits the possibilities of having an original and recognizable logo.

Limit the representation that your logo can have of your brand:

Being a pre-designed logo, it can never represent all the values and characteristics that make up the personality of your brand, so there is always the risk that it will remain just another logo of the bunch and your brand will not project the desired perception.

You lose the opportunity to adapt it:

Generic logos have only one variant, which prevents you from playing with it on different products or presentations.



Now you know why it will always be better to use a professional logo for your brand, remember that here at Nimbus Crea we are experts in Branding and business logo design, so send us a message and be part of the storm.