Why is branding important?

Currently, we live in a competitive environment, where consumers are exposed to too much information and options, so create a differentiating element es indispensable para sobresalir de los demás. Es aquí dónde entra el branding, que busca dejar una huella imborrable en la mente y el corazón de los consumidores.

Building long-term relationships and emotional ties with consumers these days should be the number one goal for brands, because customers are increasingly willing to pay the price for a good brand, and will stay loyal as long as they stay with you. provide them with real value, both in terms of functionality and emotion.

Having a good branding will allow you not only to obtain recognition through visual and communication elements, it will also give the client an idea of what they can expect from your brand.

Having unified communication both internally and externally allows us to create brand coherence that unifies the company's image in all channels, which in turn allows us to achieve the expected objectives more easily.

By developing your branding you are also making a long-term investment, because if you manage to position your brand in the market you will be able to turn your company into a more attractive investment opportunity, which will increase its commercial value. 

Crear confianza en las personas es algo indispensable para convertirlos en clientes, y después fidelizarlos, por lo que al crear una conexión entre toda tu comunicación será más fácil generar esa seguridad que ellos necesitan.  Es más probable que las personas quieran hacer negocios con empresas que tengan valores y una esencia definida, y sepan cómo proyectarlos. 

Let's remember that branding goes beyond being just a logo; from the tone of voice, the personality of the brand, the graphic and visual elements that are uploaded on networks, to the internal documents of a company, all this must be included within the same guidelines to define a brand image.


Companies must respond to social trends and keep pace with the market, as today's consumers are no longer satisfied with having a beautiful and functional product, they seek genuine conversations and want to feel identified and represented by their brands. Businesses that don't understand this tend to disappear or stop being relevant to their customers.

Brands from all walks of life, from beauty to food, have managed to position their brand thanks to powerful branding. Who does not recognize the famous: "Can't you eat just one!? Or do you know how to recognize a McDonalds with the naked eye? This and more is the magic of branding. 

With good use of this tool, you can also project that human side of your brand, with which your customers can create an emotional relationship more easily than with a company as such. This way it will be easier for your brand to be the first one that comes to mind when they recognize a need that covers your service.

Behind a good branding there is research, a creative and development process that finds the perfect formula to convey the right message in the right format. So we can awaken those feelings, and sensations that we want to relate or award to our business model.


As if that were not enough, by applying branding to internal processes we can improve the connection that our collaborators have with the company, which will give them a sense of belonging and help us all go in the same direction.

Showing the personality and image of our brand on all channels will create that closeness and familiarity that are so necessary when increasing customers, as it facilitates the synthetic communication of the company's values, philosophy and characteristics.

The time has passed when everything you needed was a sign outside your business to identify your brand, now it is crucial to unite both physical and digital channels under the same image in order to grow and achieve our goals. 

Before you start developing your brand, ask yourself; What is the essence of my business? How do I want others to perceive me? It is just the first step to creating a successful branding. 

Do not let your brand look like the rest, remember that if there is no differentiator it is more difficult for them to think of you in their purchase process. Whether it is a personal or commercial brand, having a brand will give you the instructions so that each element clicks and reflects the true essence and purpose of your business.

Remember Walter Lando's phrase: "Products are created in factories, brands are created and live in the mind."