Create a strategy to succeed in this Good End

Have you ever thought about "bought it later on sale"? o What if it's more expensive later? These are many of the unknowns that consumers come to ask when buying a product, and it is for these occasions that the Good End exists.
It was created based on inspiration in Black Friday or "Black Friday" that takes place every year in the United States, in order to promote trade through promotions and discounts. The Good End has been increasing in terms of sales since its inception, in 2020 was the most successful year with 238.900 million pesos. So these are excellent dates to increase your sales and also attract more customers, as long as you have a good strategy. Do you want to know how? Stick around to find out! 

Since its first edition in 2011 (38,500 million pesos), the Good End has managed to consolidate itself among consumers, companies and businesses as a great commercial opportunity. It creates that feeling of both excitement and urgency, because everyone wants to be a part of this great shopping and discount phenomenon. 

Today we bring you some tips and advice that can help you in your business to be able to anticipate the most anticipated weekend of the year, remember that prevention is the key to achieving your goals and this can only be achieved with a good strategy. 

First of all, you have to understand your consumer and what they want to get from you on those dates. Obviously, people are waiting for this weekend because of its low prices and because they can buy everything they couldn't at the time with longer payment terms, however, not everyone thinks the same, some are waiting for promotions such as 2×1, sales, bringing return an offline product, then you must ask yourself what your consumer expects of you.

You should also not only anticipate how your consumer thinks, but also how they act in the purchasing process. It is vital to analyze the customer journey in order to give a clear message and also offer them the best experience and build loyalty with your brand or business.

Here we leave you what we consider are points that yes or if you should take into account this good end:

Create your strategy

Having a strategy will help you develop the tactics you will need to achieve your goals. business goals, para lo que debes tener bien claros  los Sales goals, the target audience, communication channels, budgets and others. 

Have your inventory ready and full!

On those days you can take advantage of removing those pieces that have not moved during the year. It must be borne in mind that sales at the Good End usually represent two thirds of the annual inventory in a business. (Does not apply in all cases)

It is normal that on those days people buy in larger quantities of a specific product, so be prepared with enough stock since many customers can be lost if you cannot meet the demand of your customers.

Define the discounts and promotions that you will offer

Everyone and your competition will have sales, discounts or promotions during the event, so it is recommended that the discounts be attractive, a minimum of 20%. As for promotions, see which items are most profitable for you, you can take advantage of it to take out products that were not sold or those that leave a higher profit margin.

Keep in mind that MSIs are not new, so try to offer something else (gift card with minimum purchase, electronic wallet, coupons, a small gift and more).

All have Months without Interest

Did you know that almost the 90% of the Good End sales are by MSI? You can't stay behind!
See the possibility of offering MSI with your bank, the more payment methods and facilities you offer, the more chance they will buy from you.

Take care of the shopping experience

Desde tu página web hasta tu tienda en Instagram,  debes optimizar cada paso de la experiencia de compra. Cuida también el packaging y las fechas de entrega para que tus clientes queden lo más satisfechos posible. 

Advertise with time

All people are on the lookout in time to find out if their favorite products and brands will have attractive promotions, so you should do the same and with a maximum of 2 weeks in advance, announce your incredible promotions so that the word spreads and reaches more people, you can use all available means, mail, social networks, direct messages, pop up material, etc..

Train your staff

Es muy importante que tu equipo de trabajo sea capaz de atender al cliente en esas fechas, no solo sabiendo las promociones y como dar un buen trato al cliente. Capacita a tu equipo para que esté preparado para  hacer frente a diversas situaciones, recordemos que por la cantidad de ventas que hay en estas fechas es importante que tenga claro como será el proceso de seguimiento de cada producto, dale todas las herramientas que necesitará para cumplir con los objetivos. Y recuerda que mientras mejor sea la experiencia para el cliente, obtienes mejores resultados.

And ready! You are already prepared for the Good End. Remember that an important part of the process is also to measure the results of your strategy, in this way you will know what worked and what did not to apply it in the future and it is increasingly easier to achieve your business goals.