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Give your company a new identity with logos and personalized branding

Represent the essence of your brand through branding

The first impression you give your clients will be the decisive one to captivate the attention of your potential clients and build connections that generate loyalty with your brand, and among the many options that your client has to choose from today, it is important that your brand highlight How to do it? With branding.


If your company is starting and you only have a clear idea but the name still does not convince you or it does not occur to you, we will help you generate an ideal name for your brand, based on your market niche, brand history, research, analysis of the competition and public interested in what you do and later if a digital strategy is desired.

Visual identity

If you already have your name and you only want your brand to be visually recognized, at Nimbus Crea we help you generate a logo, typography, image style, colors, among other things that connect with the philosophy of your brand and your product or service.

Brand personality

It is necessary to be very clear about the values ​​of the brand, its differentiators from the competition, its strengths and its history before transmitting all this in a branding. That is why here we help you create the personality of your brand that makes it be different and with a proposal that connects with your audience.

Re branding

Si ya tienes tu imagen pero te gustaría darle una actualizada para ser más atractiva la marca, es momento de hacer un rebranding donde crearemos un nuevo diseño, símbolos, colores para darle una identidad nueva más cercana a tu marca. Es una excelente oportunidad de posicionar tu marca de nuevo.

"It is not just about selling a product, but about generating a connection with the customer through branding"

Benefits of Branding


Humanize your brand

When we give our brand a purpose through branding, we help humanize the brand and generate a connection with our clients through our values ​​and philosophy.

Make your brand memorable

Just seeing an apple or a yellow M takes us back to certain brands, that is why branding can help your brand be present in the mind of the consumer.


Through the colors, the messages and the concept, you can help your brand to differentiate itself from the competition and perfectly reflect your value proposition.

branding y diseño de logotipos
branding y diseño de logotipos en guadalajara

What is the branding process?

  1. Approach with the client: We are getting to know your brand and your objectives.

  2. Research: It is time to analyze the sector of your brand and its references.

  3. Concept and design: After starting with the brainstorming, we offer you the concept that the brand will follow along with the design proposal and visualizations of your brand in different media.

  4. Follow-up stage: By showing you the proposals, you will have the opportunity to choose the one you like the most or if you need any changes, it will be time to generate these ideas.



Kamomi is a brand of baby food focused on giving a good taste but above all the necessary nutritional content for children.


At Nimbus we work from naming, being inspired by the relationship between mother and child of kangaroos when they are young, to the design of their logo, packaging and website.


In the auxiliary elements we wanted to make them friendly by characterizing them so that both the mother and the children would see them a

branding y diseño grafico en guadalajara
diseño de logotipos y branding en guadalajara


Mabié is a body clinic in Guadalajara focused on making its clients feel good through the body treatments, facials and spa sessions that it offers.


Its central message is to highlight the natural beauty of women through well-groomed and healthy skin, which is why we were inspired by Madeline Vionnet to carry out this naming and branding.


Madeline was a French designer who with her creations wanted to highlight the woman’s body in all its splendor. Both the logo fonts and the supporting graphics are inspired by the time of this designer.

The tagline arises from the point of the i (your starting point, your decision, your initiative), and is arranged in a circular way around the accent, representing the protection we provide to your skin (your spirit, your essence, your accent) at all times of the process.


Palenque is a brand that has been producing and marketing mangoes for more than 40 years.


In order to refresh its image and make it more attractive in the market, we developed a brand redesign inspired by its organic and 100% Mexican origin. We worked with a strong typeface, with triangular finishes that refer us to graphics and codices of the Mayans, Aztecs and other ancient cultures, our roots. The color palette is based on the mango’s own colors, referring to its flavor and variety.

branding y diseño de logotipos
diseño de logotipos y branding en guadalajara


Trank is a nationwide freight service mainly oriented to the transportation of steel. It has established itself as a leading company in specialized cargo transport that to date has more than 40 units.


For its rebranding we play with the logistics of its services and a fundamental part is knowing how to organize the load, that is why we are inspired by the Chinese game tangram, where the game consists of arranging the pieces in different silhouettes, this is how the T and the K come together perfectly to form the logo and become the main hallmarks of the brand.


The intense and vibrant colors seek to convey strength and professionalism, essential values ​​in cargo service.

Remember that many of the purchase decisions of our potential clients are guided by feelings, emotions and connections that they create with brands, that is why it is important that from your image and communication proposal, you can make your buyer identify with your brand. Do you want to start differentiating yourself from your competition?

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