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How to verify an instagram account?

Verifying an Instagram account is one of the best achievements in social networks that an influencer or company can have, since the blue check mark fills the potential client or companies that want to hire the services of an influencer with confidence and security.


We know that you want to verify your Instagram account and formalize your digital ecosystem and that is why Nimbus Crea brings you this post today so that you can verify your Instagram account as soon as possible.


The first step is to do an analysis of the profile, you have to make sure that your content is impeccable and that your profile has the link to your website and your other social networks, remember that if you still do not have a website.


Once you have made an analysis of your profile and you think that you are ready to request the verification of your profile, it is time to request it, it is extremely important to understand that anyone can request it, but not all of them are given since they are reserved for level brands world, public figures or celebrities.

Steps to verify your Instagram account

  1. Access your profile

  2. In your profile, click on the hamburger menu and select “Account settings”

  3. In this section you will find the option to “Request verification”

  4. You enter the data requested by the platform and that’s it!


    If your application is approved in a few days the verification badge will appear on your profile

What does Instagram take into account to verify your account?

Instagram takes account verifications very seriously so it has different metrics to determine which profile to deliver the badge to and which one not to. If they have a verified page of your company on Facebook and it is linked to your Instagram account.


If there are accounts which are trying to impersonate your profile or image If you have more than 100,000 followers The account has to be from a real person or a registered entity or company. Have real followers and not bought The account must be public The account has to have a certain level of relevance, be notorious and appear in user searches.

Which profiles are most likely to get verified?

  • Athletes

  • Public interest accounts

  • Recognized blogger or journalists

  • Personalities from the world of fashion, music, cinema, etc.

  • High impact and recognition companies

Advantages of having a verified Instagram account

Having a verified Instagram account is a great benefit since it brings with it a series of advantages which you will learn about below

  • Increase the credibility of the content you publish
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Inspire confidence in potential customers
  • End the problem of fraudulent accounts

This is one of the easiest ways to verify your Instagram account, however, there are different ways to do it, remember that, although verifying your account can be of great help, the most important thing is to have valuable content and excellent communication with your public, which keeps your community united and interested in what you post.

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