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Homemade Product Photography for Ecommerce and Instagram

In recent years we have seen incredible growth in the ability of mobile devices to take high quality photos, previously the only option when taking photos for products was with professional cameras, which was very expensive, however, Nowadays, although the best option is still to hire an expert team in photography and video production, there is also the option of taking pictures of your product with your smartphone and today at Nimbus we want to give you some tips so that you too you can take your own product photos.


  1. Use the right light
  2. Find a neutral background or get it
  3. Cover the necessary angles of your product
  4. Errors when taking product photographs with the cell phone
  5. Recommended tools for taking product photos with your cell phone

Use the right light

It is very important to identify what type of light we want to use for the photographs of our product since much of the quality of our photo depends on this variable, there is no light that is the best in all cases, since each one has its own characteristics. advantage.


Artificial light


Artificial light has the advantage of being fixed and not changing the tone, in addition to being adjustable in the event that the shadows and contrast do not favor the product in a certain position, there are warm, cold or neutral lights, however, these are more difficult to achieve and sometimes if the appropriate ones are not used, the photographs can be detrimental to the product and remember that when selling your products in your ecommerce, the perception that potential customers may have of your merchandise is only due to the photographs and comments .


Natural light


On the other hand, natural light is the most accessible light source of all, however, the sessions must be in a shorter period of time since if it takes time, the intensity or tone of the light can change and affect the Photo session of your product, for the use of this light we recommend that it does not reach your product directly, but we will talk about that later.

Find a neutral background or get it

On many occasions we have seen how in professional product photography sessions very long sheets of cardboard are used to use as a background in sets, this is very useful for product photographs used in e-commerce since it allows to have a uniform background which does not it interferes with the brand’s graphic design and the site’s UI design, so we recommend that in case you don’t have a neutral background, you buy a few cards to use as a background for your photographs.

Cover the necessary angles of your product

Buying products in ecommerce has the disadvantage of not being able to view the product in person, so it is extremely important that you give the user the option to view the greatest number of angles of your product on your website, the most commonly used angles are the following:


The 90 degree angle or better known as “top down” or “bird’s eye” is perfect for photographing products from above that do not hold up like shoes or clothing. The 45 degree angle is used to highlight the dimension of the product. It is ideal for any type of product, be it fashion, home or entertainment items. The angle of 0 degrees or at ground level is used for any type of product that you want to highlight. This type of angle is the most common when talking about beauty products or bottles of alcohol or a drink.

fotografia de alimentos

Errors when taking product photographs for ecommerce with the cell phone

Do not use the front camera of your cell phone

The front camera of your camera is designed to take selfies, and these cameras, regardless of the device, are always designed with a lower quality than the rear, so it is not a good option to take photos for your ecommerce.


Do not zoom when taking your pictures

When zooming in, the image quality decreases, so we recommend you get closer to the product if you want a detailed photograp

Recommended tools for taking product photos with your cell phone


This tool is an application that will help you in editing the photographs, one of the advantages of this tool is the large number of filters it has, however, it also has tools to edit the temperature, white balance, contrast and other features in your product photography so that your ecommerce has the best possible presentation.



This program belongs to the Adobe suite, it has a free and a paid version, in the same way as VSCO, it allows you to edit the main characteristics of your photographs, but it also has so many functions that it allows you to leave a photograph with a professional finish.



This tool is an image editing software on the web, so you do not have to download any type of application to use, this tool in addition to offering the functions to edit basic characteristics of photography, also allows you to edit and add text within of the image, so if you need the photograph to contain some kind of phrase or copy, this is a great option.

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